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The former Gratisal








With Intect you can customize your payroll system to your particular needs. Prices from 0-15 DKK per payslip. You can always create a non-binding account for free and explore the system before you start customizing.

Med Gratisal lønsystem kan du fra 0-15 kroner pr. lønseddel skræddersy systemet efter lige netop dine behov.

Your employees have online access to download payslips and edit their master data, which creates transparency for you and your employees.

Intcet offers many reporting options that improve your insight into your payroll processes and with functions such as real time data, date management and payroll batch approval flow you ensure that the payroll batches’ margin of errors will be significantly reduced.

With Intect you ensure that your employees understand their payslips with an easy overview of what they will get paid, and what they will pay in taxes.


Your Innovative
Payroll System

With Intect (Former Gratisal) you can customize your payroll system to your particular needs and with prices from 0-15 DKK per payslip.


Payroll System with prices from DKK 0-15.

Intect is a very fast and intuitive payroll system and at the same time, Intect is Denmark’s most affordable payroll system with prices from DKK 0-15 per payslip.

With Intect you get a payroll system that makes payroll administration easy and accesible for everyone. You have the opportunity of customizing Intect precisely to your specific needs and you can choose and choose to opt out of functions as it fits you.

Get better data and fewer errors with a new and innovative payroll system from Intect

Intect offers many reporting options that improve your insight into your payroll system and your payroll processes and with functions such as real time data, date management, and payroll batch approval flow you ensure that the payroll batches’ margin of errors will be significantly reduced.

If you wish an even faster and more automated data exchange you can, with Intect, get a payroll system with an open API and integrations to a large selection of financial, time, and guard scheduling systems. These include Blue Marble, Dinero, Billy, e-conomic, Uniconta, WorkBook, and Flexyox.

You can see our prices and read more about our functions via the link below.

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More than 6,000 companies have already chosen our payroll system

With Intect you will get a user-friendly product that can be customized for all industries and company types. More than 6,000 companies already use Intect and you can read more about e.g. RelationMedia’s, ECIT’sCand’s and  AOF’s experiences with our payroll system by clicking on the logos below or in the menu under “Testimonials”.

“The system is intuitive, and the dashboard creates a good overview, so the whole payroll process becomes faster and easier.”


“The flexibility of Intect is especially good when importing and exporting data, which is very valuable for a company like ours.”


“If we have questions the support team is always helpful with good answers from employees who know how to manage payrolls.”


“It does not take long to figure out how the system works and the processes help ensure you that the payroll can be executed quickly.”


“The templates in Intect are especially strong. They save you a lot of time and give you a solid overview of depart-ments, employees, etc.”


Customize your very own payroll system

No company and/or industry is the same. Therefore, your payroll system must be flexible in the same way so that you take full advantage of its potential. Whereas many payroll systems offer standard solutions, Intect instead allows you to customize your very own payroll system to match your business’ exact needs, without having to cost a fortune in implementation and other costs.

Intect is modular in its construction, which makes it easy and quick for you to select the features that suit your needs. This means that you can be sure that your payroll system matches your competencies as well as your company’s complexity.

The functions in Intect can be tested before you actively use them. From there you can select and deselect the functions that you find suitable for your business. This gives you a payroll system where you do not have to pay for a number of unnecessary functions that only cause confusion.

Do you manage the payroll for several companies?

In Intect, you can now opt for the Multi-Company module, which is the ideal solution for managing multiple companies’ payroll. The module gives you a solid overview of the respective companies, making it easy and quick to switch between the companies. So if you are an accountant, a payroll agency, or a group, you will easily be able to manage the payroll for multiple companies at a time.

Choose the features you want

Get a payroll system where you will not miss a thing. Intect is created by payroll experts, ensuring you a payroll system that takes into account all the annoying moments of the payroll process that have never really been resolved well enough. Below we provide you with an insight into some of the functions in our payroll system, which you can choose or choose to opt out of as you wish non-binding. You can experiment with different compositions of our functions via the price calculator here.

Real time data

In Intect you have the opportunity to use real time data so that you can always keep an eye on the consequences of your actions. This gives you a better overview and ensures that you will save a great amount of time on your payroll management in the end.


Date management

Our payroll system allows to add future adjustments to e.g. payroll regulations, maternity leave or fixed costs for a period of time and to make quick corrections by using our date management.


Time entry

Import time data to Intect or let your employees enter it themselves in their employee-app. Entries are automatically converted to payroll data when approved – based on configurable criteria.



This function is designed for you who manage payrolls for several companies, allowing you to keep track of everything. You can easily find and grant access to users across companies.


Auto correction

Auto correction makes it easy to report errors and make changes to an employee’s salary. Intect’s payroll system automatically adjusts the salary according to your reports, offsetting any errors the following month.


Payroll System for both large and small companies

Intect has cracked the code in relation to creating a cloud-based payroll system that matches the needs of the large companies and at the same time, the bookkeeper does not need to be able to code in the system.

In practice, our payroll system builds on an open API and automation, which makes the system flexible in terms of your actual needs. We have changed the payroll types into processes, whereby the complexity decreases correspondingly when the payroll is to be executed. This means that companies with less than 2.000 employees, which are too small to have an actual payroll department will be able to handle payroll in an efficient way with strong control and on half time.

Payroll System with support from specialists

If you want support for implementation or for the general use of Intect you will always experience professional and competent support from our support team. We have specialists sitting next to telephones and chat ready to answer your questions.

Desktop-lønsystem-Rapporter-23111-min-1-1024x951 intect

Our Payroll System is mentioned in the following media

We solve those annoyances that have existed for a long time for the end-user and which nobody has tried to solve earlier. Therefore, Intect is mentioned in several Danish media such as Børsen,Ekstra Bladet, and Transport- og Logistikmagasinet. Below you will find a selection of some of the other media, where we have been mentioned earlier. If you want to read more articles, you can find them here. The articles are in Danish. 

A Payroll System with payslips everybody can understand

Why should it require a long education in accounting in order to understand payslips?

Our payroll system offers intuitive payslips that give the employee the most relevant information presented in a way that is understandable: What is my salary? How much do I have to pay in taxes? How much do I get paid?

If you want to go more into details than those immediately presented on the payslip, just open the specification and follow the foundation for the individual pay entries.

Intect also provides payslips in English for foreign employees.


All employees will get access to their own app in which they can see and download their payslips. These can be accessed in PDF- and HTML-format, where the last-mentioned is dynamic and is changed concurrently with eventual corrections in the payroll.

In the app, the employees can collect tax cards, correct master data such as account number, address, etc. and last but not least, register their time entries.

In other words; with Intect you will get a payroll system where you have the opportunity to create transparency around the payroll process and at the same time save time by actively involving your employees in the process.

Contact us

If you are interested in Intect – either as a bookkeeper or customer – then we are of course available with more information. Contact us via the formula below or by phone at +45 71 99 11 22. It is also possible to contact us at [email protected]

Note: If you are already a user of the system, please not that the system support is not free.

In addition, we recommend that you use the chat for support issues. It is possible to purchase free mail/chat support through our package solutions. You can read more about this under “Prices” or under the tab page “Extra”, when you are signed in.