Get a system that can handle your collective agreements

Collective agreements are often challenging for payroll systems, but this is not the case with Intect. With Intect, you are guaranteed a payroll system that can handle a wide range of collective agreements, and where the administration of these can be done easily and quickly, so you avoid the unpleasant and time-consuming mistakes in your payroll batch.

A solution that is easily configurated

Each collective agreement has its own unique setup and foundation, which is why, for example, rules on accrual, settlement of balances and rules on overtime will differ from collective agreement to collective agreement.  

Therefore, you will most often find, that you will be challenged in the amount and variety of collective agreements that the individual payroll systems support when choosing a new system.  

However, this will not be the case when you choose Intect. In Intect, it is quick and easy for you to set up and correct your own collective agreements, so you do not have to dependent on a list of specially selected and predefined collective agreements. 
We have created configurability, in the places where the differences between the collective agreements can occur, which ensures that you are able to handle many complex collective agreement compositions, in an intuitive way and without you having to code in the system. 

Create an overview with employee templates

If you wish to make the adjustments yourself when your employees' collective agreements change, we have made it easy for you in Intect.  

With Intect's employee templates, you get a specific tool that both benefits your general payroll management but also streamlines the management of your collective agreement. 

With employee templates, you have the opportunity to categorize your employees according to relevant common denominators in salary conditions, such as weekly paid, 14-day paid, students, etc. You can also divide your employees based on which collective agreements they belong to, and thereby easily make changes for several employees with the same collective agreement at once.  

In other words, the employee templates help you streamline your workflow, because you avoid having to manage individual employees in detail, which also reduces your margin of errors. 

Manage employees working across collective agreements

In addition to creating an overview and being able to manage groups of employees with the same collective agreement via Intect’s employee templates, you are also able to manage employees who work across collective agreements through our feature, collective agreement management.  

This is particularly relevant at temp agencies, which often meets the challenge of having employees who are covered by different collective agreements - depending on which customer they work for.  

When an employee works across collective agreements it can result in different pension rates etc. In Intect, you have the option of using the time type configuration to override these rates 

This means that you are not forced to set a central value in your employees' master data but instead can handle several different agreements on one single employment. 

Work with past and future data

As collective agreements are often negotiated retroactively it is essential that the processing of data can be effectuated quickly and efficiently. 

In Intect, you have the opportunity to work with both past and future data. In this way, you get the best conditions for changes in the collective agreements to be registered correctly in your payroll system. 


Do you need help updating collective agreements?

With Intect you do not have to keep yourself updated with the latest changes in collective agreements. We make sure that the correct changes are made retroactively. Based on the specific needs of your company, we can enter into an agreement where you leave the responsibility to us. This way, you can focus on other parts of your business instead 

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