You get better insight and reporting in your payroll system

Reporting quickly becomes a complicated process where data from different sources must be put together manually to get the needed overview. This is not the case in Intect. We have liberated the data making it easy for you to use exactly the type of reporting that you prefer, so you get the insight you deserve!

Predefined reports often mean complicated and time-consuming work for payroll controllers and accountants, when a specific report requires certain content that is not included in the predefined template. With our reporting tool, Intect Insights, we have made it easy for you to define the content in your reports, so they match the requirements of your company.  

If you don’t need the ability to design your own reports, or you just want to see our standard reports you can read more about the subject by following the link.  


Intect Insights: The payroll controller’s best friend

Intect Insights is founded on the functionality of Excel, meaning we connect Excel directly with your data. The more technical explanation is that we via our API connect Excel directly with your data, which gives you the ability to define and create your own reports by combining your data as needed. In other words, you can create your own reports using the data stored in Intect in a simple a quick way in Excel.  

This is regardless of whether the data is already processed or under processing.  

Explained in another way, with Intect you get a reporting tool with access to all at once. After creating your own reports, you can update everything with just one click. With this simple access to live data, you easily and quickly get an overview in real time. Via Excel’s standard features you can reconcile, visualize, and present the latest data for your payroll according to your individual wishes and requirements.  

For this reason, we are convinced that Intect’s report tool simply is the payroll controller’s best friend!  

It doesn’t require a complex reporting module to be able to design your very own reports with the specific data you want. With Intect you avoid wasting your time searching the list of predefined reports now that you can create the reports according to your own wishes – no matter how obscure your needs may be. 

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Get the data overview you deserve

With the ability in Intect to design individual reports you give your controller or accountant the best conditions to work with the data of your company. Without more administrative work they will be able to create the overview they need a lot quicker than before. And more importantly, after designing the reports they will be stored only a few clicks away.  

The flexibility of designing individual reports is essential, especially in companies with a greater need for general reporting or when the requirements for the reports are high.  

Many systems try creating transparency when it comes to their reports and collect them in a shared database, which leads to hundreds of different reports in the database because of a lack of overview. This makes it almost unmanageable for the users to find a specific template that meet the needed requirements. By creating your own reports, you avoid wasting your time searching among the hundreds of templates and you also avoid paying a lot of money for specially designed reports from the system provider.  

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Optimization due to an automated data flow

When synchronizing your data from Intect with your Excel-template you can by one click ensure an updated overview which streamlines the way you work with the data of your company. An automated data flow thus gives you less touch points which means less errors in your reporting.  

Are you up for further automation you can use macros in Excel to convert your Excel reports to other formats, attach them, and finally send them to internal or external recipients. The only limit is your imagination.   

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Lots of options for standard reporting

With Intect you also get a lot of insight options through our standard/predefined reports.  

We offer a wide variety of reports accessible in PDF, HTML, XLSX and CSV: 

  • Accounting file
  • Payslip totals (export)  
  • Payslips in a single file  
  • Payroll batch errors and warnings 
  • E-income export details  
  • E-income totals for a selected period 
  • Overview of payments  
  • Salary type totals by timespan/batches  
  • Payroll details by period where you can extract all data for selected salary types based on desired date range e.g. for retroactive adjustment or controlling.  
  • Employee/Salary type matrix  
  • Payroll batch comparison 
  • Company totals  
  • Employee balances  
  • Balance history – statement that shows transactions for a specific salary type for a certain period  
  • Vacation balances  
  • Employee data  
  • Log file of important matters  
  • Multi-purpose balances  

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