Get a system developed, implemented, and supported by payroll specialists

Even though Intect is one of the newer systems on the marked, you do not have to worry about our professionalism and expertise when it comes to payroll administration. Our experience and wide range of competencies are the foundation when we develop and support our system.

Development based on the knowledge of more than 2,100 payroll experts

Intect is built by professionals with great experience from within the payroll industry. Therefore, the system is continuously developed in collaboration with consultants, who assist companies with 5-2,000 employees with their payroll on a daily basis. This great network of Intect’s is established due to the fact that Intect is part of the ECIT Group, who employs more than 2,100 people in nine different countries.  

ECIT’s payroll consultants work daily with all the different facets of payroll administration, which naturally contributes to the acquisition of relevant experience and unique knowledge within the area - experience we benefit from and utilize when developing Intect.  

Our association with ECIT also ensures that the development of our system is relevant and that the features help making our users day-to-day work easier. Our reporting tool, Intect Insights, is one example. 

In case you are still missing specific features, with Intect you will to a much greater extent experience qualified sparring from specialists, who can identify with your needs and more importantly find a satisfying solution to cover these needs. If the solution is not to be found already within Intect, our specialists will assess whether or not to develop features alongside the implementation of the system.  

Support handled by payroll specialists

Payroll is an important part of your company. Your employees expect – and deserve – the right salary on time. That is why it is essential that you have access to professional advisory and sparring, when you run into challenges regarding payroll administration. When calling our support line in Intect you will always be attended by an experienced consultant, who is fully capable of helping you with your specific problem.  

In this sense, it is important to mention, that it is a part of Intect’s DNA to carefully teach our customers how to handle payroll in our system decreasing the probability of you needing the help of our consultants. Questions can of course always arise, both regarding the functionality of the system and the payroll administration, and when this happens it is preferable that you directly get in contact with a capable, experienced Intect consultant.    

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