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On this page you can read more about the meaning of Intect and how our journey began just a few years back.

The story of Intect

The story of Intect can be dated back to the spring of 2016 when the breeding ground for the payroll system was created.

The purpose of the foundation was to create a payroll system that supported simple, as well as complex, payroll conditions, regardless of company size and industry, and which accommodated a greater degree of flexibility than existing providers in the market.

In other words, it should be possible to have a faster and more accurate payroll administration so that companies could spend their time developing rather than operating their business, and where employees got what they deserved; a payslip free of errors.

Since Intect’s founding, we have been working continuously to make salary something that everyone understands. Among other things, this is reflected through our intuitive payroll slip and efficient handling of complex payroll conditions, streamlining and simplifying the payroll administration.

In 2020, Intect changed its name (formerly Gratisal) to create a closer relationship between the product we offer our users and the brand we want to reflect.

The above has formed Intect to be the payroll system we are today; an innovative and intuitive payroll system used by more than 7.000 companies across industries and sizes.

What does Intect mean?

First of all, our name better represents our core areas incorporated into the new name; innovation, integration, insight, and technology.

Innovation finds expression in the development of the payroll system, which is intuitive, regardless of whether the company’s payroll conditions are simple or complex. Innovation is a crucial focus area, as we must be innovative to create an intuitive solution.

Integration is another area of focus that ensures that our users’ data synchronizes across the systems they use. Our payroll system allows integrations with ERP-solutions, workforce management systems, and HR systems, streamlining our users’ workflows significantly.

Insight is a keyword for our payroll system. Reporting can easily become a complicated and confusing process, where data from several different extracts must be manually compiled before it is possible to create the specific overview you want. But that is not the case with Intect. We have set data free and made it easy for you to use the reporting you want, giving you the insights, you deserve!

Technology refers to the way we think, which is seen, for example, in the system’s modular structure. At the same time, this allows the user to tailor a solution based on specific features.

In short, our core competencies are increasingly encapsulated with the name Intect, creating a stronger connection between the product we offer and the way we work.

A part of ECIT

During the early summer of 2019, Intect became part of ECIT, a group dealing with finance and IT. ECIT has Nordic roots and currently employs more than 2,100 people across nine countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, UK, Serbia, Poland, and Lithuania.).

ECIT has more than 30,000 customers across the above-mentioned countries, and one of the areas where ECIT is particularly strong is within payroll administration, which creates the link between Intect and ECIT.

Daily, ECIT’s consultants advise on all facets of payroll administration for customers with anything from 5-2,000 employees. These consultants have a lot of experience and knowledge, which is used for the development of Intect.

This way, we ensure that our development is relevant and that the functionalities that are developed in Intect always help to make everyday life better for those who work with payroll administration.

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