You get a better and more automated data flow

In Intect we have liberated your data making it easier for you to exchange data with other systems and programs and to work freely with the data. We have an open API that gives you great options when exchanging your data either by integrations or by file management. We offer a wide variety of integrations which have either been developed by us or by our system providers. Furthermore, by only a few clicks you can import or export your data, automate your data flow, and even design your own reports that will update in real time.

Data exchange – fast and easy

Finding and entering the same information over and over can be a daunting task and it challenges the concentration which increases the risk of error. That’s why we in Intect have made it easy for you to align all data in our payroll system.     

With Intect you get the best conditions for optimal exchange of data across systems and different file formats making it possible for you to obtain the grand overview of, for example, employee information. 

It is both fast and easy to import and export your data with our system, and you also avoid repeating entries manually. You get different import options, depending on what you prefer.  

You can use our predefined standard reports for payroll data, employee data or primo balances etc., or you can choose to upload your own Excel sheet and import your specific definitions. You also have the option of converting reports from other systems that you use.  

Essential for our payroll system is that you can handle everything yourself, because of the simplicity and intuitiveness of the processes within the system. You don’t need coding skills nor any other technical skills to realize a fast and correct import and export of data.   

If you choose to import your own files you have the option of mapping the columns in the Excel sheet to match the individual fields in Intect. This way you avoid using templates that don’t match the reality of your company and you also avoid the manual entries connected with system updates, because we decode and load the file in Intect.  

Automation as a means of streamlining and optimizing the payroll function

In Intect we believe in automation as a means of streamlining and optimizing the payroll function. Through our integrations you can automate the transfer of data and ensure a more effective processing of data that results in less errors on the payslip and more time for other valuable work efforts.  

The integrations constitute an essential part of Intect’s DNA, and that’s why we offer integrations with a wide range of systems within the areas of finance, time- and shift planning and HR platforms.  

Get the reports you deserve!

With Intect’s wide range of reporting options you get better data and a better data flow.  

Do you have complex reporting needs or tight liquidity management that requires day-to-day updates on payments? Then Intect is made for you! 

With Intect your data will be connected to Excel via our API. We’ve done this so you can define the content of your reports yourself making them match the requirements of your company.  

After having designed your reports, you can update them with just a few clicks. In other words, you get access to data in real time, which increases the quality of your data and strengthens the strategic decision.  

Read more about Intect’s reporting options here!  


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