You get a better and more intuitive payroll administration

Intect is an innovative payroll system which gives you a better and more intuitive payroll process. We have created a payroll system that streamlines your payroll administration, but where you don’t have to compromise on professionalism or quality. Using our payroll system will also result in a significant time optimization in your company. Many of our clients experience a time saving of up to 80%.

An intuitive payroll system that doesn’t compromise on payroll expertise

Intect was created with the intention of ending the complexity of the long and heavy processes that are often connected with the payroll administration. The difference between our system and others is that we are both build and run by payroll specialists. Therefore, you get the best of both worlds; a user-friendly system founded on extensive payroll expertise.  

In Intect we know that the payroll process itself can be a big challenge for you as the payroll administrator, but it is within the optimization of processes that our expertise really shines through. 

The know-how that defines us in Intect comes both from our employees who have many years of experience within the industry, and from the fact that Intect is a part of the ECIT group. ECIT assists more than 30,000 customers with the optimization and operation of their business processes. Every day ECIT’s payroll consultants both work and advise within all aspects of payroll administration, and this gives us relevant feedback regarding which problems we can solve through an intuitive and innovative payroll system. 

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Check, reconcile and approve your payroll batch on the same screen

One of the aspects that we know we can improve substantially is the user experience and effectivity when you do a payroll batch.  

All too often the payroll administrator needs to have an extensive number of tabs and Excel sheets open to ensure the needed overview for a correct payroll batch. In many ways it’s an inappropriate work pattern that involves countless touch points which ultimately complicates the work considerably. With Intect you get the visualization of all important data in one view, so you can run your payroll batches on time and in an effective and intuitive way.  

Intect’s payroll-cockpit shows all relevant information for you to check, reconcile and approve your payroll batch in one view all through the process. This means less touch points during the process, since you don’t have to navigate back and forth in the system to get the full overview before completing the payroll batch. Furthermore, the data in the system will be in real time, which significantly reduces the margin of error. When changing data in the system the adjustments will be visible throughout the whole system immediately, all down to the employee level.    

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The right salary – visualized on a payslip that your employees understand

In Intect we have developed an extended approval flow with the goal of ensuring high quality during the process of payroll. This feature also increases the satisfaction among the company’s employees.  

Unfortunately, too many employees experience errors in their payslips, which in worse case create mistrust and affects the employees’ engagement negatively.  

Intect’s extended approval flow ensures that you reach a higher level of quality when doing payroll batch for your employees. As the payroll administrator you can lock the payroll batch as a draft, so your employees can check the payslip for errors before completing the batch. By involving your employees and giving them responsibilities during the process, you avoid time consuming and expensive mistakes in your payroll.  

Better and more intuitive payroll processes also mean, that we take the recipient’s ability to understand the payslip into account. With Intect you get intuitive payslips that contain the information your employees need presented in a way that’s easy to understand. This means no confusion among your employees and therefore less questions to you as an administrator.  

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