AOF Nordjylland: Intuitive and easy system with Intect

Read why AOF Nordjylland, according to CFO Kristian Koorsgaard, specifically chose Intect as their new payroll system in the article below.


AOF Nordjylland 

AOF Nordjylland is a Danish company who sells course activities, and its main focus includes teaching, instruction, consultant services and cultural activities. With more than 150 employees with different time schedules and conditions for their employment, AOF Nordjylland needed a payroll system with the capabilities of supporting these diverse setups in an efficient way ensuring time saving in their payroll administration.   

Intuitive and easy to navigate  

Since Intect had already proven its system to be intuitive and supporting of AOF Nordjylland’s special needs on other occasions with similar companies, the choice of a new payroll system naturally fell on Intect. The system fulfilled the requirements of more streamlined processes and time saving.  

“Intect is extremely flexible, and the system is generally very intuitive and easy to navigate in. The intuitive setup of the system also means that you do not need to be a payroll specialist to manage the individual processes – no matter how complex they are and how many employees they involve. - Kristian Koorsgaard, CFO in AOF Nordjylland.  

Similar companies with night schools have saved up to 80% of their time on their payroll administration by selecting Intect.  

Also, Intect has developed an integration with ASA, which is the night schools’ preferred course tool. This integration has saved AOF Nordjylland for a lot of heavy and manual processes when transferring time data.  

“In other words, our days with spreadsheets are over and I have only positive things to say about Intect.” - Kristian Koorsgaard, CFO in AOF Nordjylland. 

Intect does not compromise on functionalities or overview 

It was important for AOF Nordjylland to get a payroll system with the ability to support the complexity of each employee’s specific employment conditions which could also secure a great overview of the payroll batch – even though the system had to be intuitive and easy to navigate, it was essential that it did not compromise on functionalities or overview.  

“Intect’s templates are especially strong. They ensure a great deal of time saving and a functional overview of division structures, employees etc.” – Kristian Koorsgaard, CFO in AOF Nordjylland.  

Intect’s advanced employee templates are often appreciated by companies characterized by a certain complexity. That is because Intect’s system gives you possibility to tailor the templates according to your needs. If you for example work in an industry where your employees are part of different collective agreements and payroll cycles, you can simply organize your employees according to their respective agreements. This way you can easily make changes for several employees with the same collective agreement at the same time.  

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