Republica: Flexibility and streamlining with Intect

Back when Republica needed a new payroll system they were looking for a provider who could streamline the processes in their payroll administration.

In this article CFO in Republica, Peter Damhus Mehlsen, explains how Intect succeeded in creating far more flexibility for Republica in their administrative payroll tasks through an integration between Intect and WorkBook, among other things.


Republica, a Danish marketing agency with headquarters in Albertslund, lives by the mantra of making a difference for their customers. On an everyday basis, Republica helps companies of all sizes and from different industries to strengthen their brand and revenue through the sharing of knowledge as well as creation and performance of strategies.    

Republica has around 60 employees who with their different skillsets help operate and develop the company every day.  


Streamlining through integration with WorkBook 

When Republica was looking for a new payroll-partner it was with the sole purpose of finding a solution able to optimize and streamline the workflow in their payroll department. 

“We were already using WorkBook and that made it interesting for us to collaborate with Intect, which is the only payroll system in Denmark that is possible to integrate with WorkBook’s system. Additionally, we were drawn by Intect’s setup which gives you an excellent overview of the data, and we really appreciate that.” - Peter Damhus Mehlsen, CFO in Republica.  

When asked about the integration with WorkBook Peter Damhus Mehlsen explains how their workflows, who used to be characterized by being manual and repetitive, now represent a high level of automation.  

“Before using Intect, the data had to be updated manually in both WorkBook and in our former payroll system. With the conversion to Intect we clearly notice that we have achieved significant time saving now that the processes and transfers are automated. In short, the integration with WorkBook has given us far more flexibility in the payroll process.” - Peter Damhus Mehlsen, CFO in Republica.  


An excellent overview of activities  

Intect is based on real-time data, which makes it possible to see the effect of your activities immediately after their implementation. This is another function who has helped optimizing the workflows of Republica.   

”Real-time data is one of the many functions that we are really excited about in Republica. Now we do not have to wait for the implementation of our changes – it happens right away. It is far more efficient for us as a company when we can review and finish our tasks immediately after doing them instead of having to wait for later.” - Peter Damhus Mehlsen, CFO in Republica.   


Flexible and professional implementation  

Peter Damhus Mehlsen describes the implementation and transition to Intect as a flexible and professional process.  

“In the transition from our former solution to Intect, we got the assistance of one of Intect’s implementation consultants, who made sure that all of our information was transferred and created correctly in the system. The implementation itself was extremely flexible and professional - Peter Damhus Mehlsen, CFO in Republica.  

In Intect it is important for us to ensure a safe and comfortable transition and startup for our customers, which is why the implementation is essential. Our implementation process is characterized by continuous dialog, training, and transfer of data – all to ensure the best possible conditions for our customers.