Multi-Company: When you do payroll for multiple CVR numbers

Are you an accountant? Do you work in a payroll agency or in a large group? Then you are in the right place!

Multi-Company is a new solution for all who manage payroll for more than one CVR number.

With the Multi-Company feature it is fast and easy to shift between the different companies that you manage, and you get insight into all relevant information regarding each company, e.g., deadlines of the payroll batches, who is responsible of handling the payroll batch etc. You also control who gets access to each company, and you can create new companies or edit internal notes regarding each business.

Create new companies

When creating a new company, you can use the same setup used on an existing company. With just three clicks you can copy salary types, time types and employment templates from the existing company in your Multi-Company portfolio, and then you are ready to do payroll for the new company. You can of course change specific aspects of the existing setup if it does not completely match the business you are adding.

Make your company visible for potential clients

When using the Multi-Company feature in Intect you get a unique opportunity to market your services to potential clients through the system. When you add the feature, you will automatically become a part of the Intect interface where your contact information will be available.

This way, Intect-users who need help with their payroll administration can contact you, and you can add them to your Multi-Company organization.

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