Integration with Workfeed

With the integration between Intect and Workfeed you obtain a valuable streamlining of your shift planning and payroll administration, which saves you a great amount of time in your work processes.

Integration via file upload

Simple and efficient shift planning with Workfeed

Workfeed is a shift planning and time registration software that makes it easier for you to keep an overview in your daily workforce management. Workfeed gathers everything from shift plans to timesheets in a simple app that is both advanced and user-friendly. The app also provides the necessary insight across your team as everybody has access to it.

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Intect & Workfeed

The integration between Intect and Workfeed means that you streamline your workforce management with your payroll administration, which ultimately saves you a lot of time in the daily work processes. More specifically, your employees' time records are transferred to Intect via file upload, where they are converted into wages.

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