Integration with Uniconta

Uniconta is an intuitive financial management system that can easily be integrated with Intect. The integration between Uniconta and Intect allows you to automatically transfer your payroll batches to your ledger, making your business more efficient and profitable.

API integration

Uniconta: Overview in real-time

Uniconta is a cloud-based ERP system with the abilities to create a full overview of your business’ finances. All changes done in the system are updated in real-time, so they take effect immediately – on all your devices. This ensures maximum speed during the working day and no waiting time!

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Integration with advantages

With the integration between Uniconta and Intect, you get automatic posting of tax payments as well as automatic transfer of your payroll batches to your cash register. This increases your company's efficiency, as your internal work processes are automated, and this ultimately gives you more time to develop your business.

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