Integration with TalentPiper

With the TalentPiper-integration, the recruitment industry gets a solution creating a natural link between customer, project, candidacy, candidate, and finance. It helps you gain transparency in a dynamic recruitment process.

Integration via file upload

Why choose TalentPiper?

TalentPiper is a software system that combines recruiting, CRM, resumes, ad creation, publishing and invoicing in one solution. In TalentPiper CRM you can administer and automize the sales process, maintain your customer relations and track the performance of your business. It is a web-based solution, and it is easy to integrate with social media and job portals.

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Intect & TalentPiper

With the integration between TalentPiper and Intect your employee data will be transferred and shared between the two systems via file upload. This data sharing means a significant optimization of your internal work processes by minimizing time-consuming, manual typing work when creating employees in the system.

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