Integration with Mileage Book

With Mileage Book you get a software system developed with the purpose of streamlining mileage and expense management. By integrating Intect with Mileage Book the owed amounts are paid back with the payroll.

Integration via file upload

Manage mileage and expenses with Mileage Book

Mileage and expenses must be easy and efficient to manage and take up as little time as possible in a busy working day. With Mileage Book, you get a software system that fully automates your mileage logging, while at the same time significantly optimizing the administration of your employees' expenses.

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Intect & Mileage Book

With the integration between Intect's payroll system and Mileage Book's software for mileage and expense management, the payment of the amounts owed to the employees is streamlined with the payroll. Thus, the expenses will be paid back with the payroll and appear on the employees' pay slip, and that gives a great overview.

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