Integration with MENUPAY

By adding MENUPAY as an employee benefit in Intect, your employees get discounts at over 270 restaurants across the country. Once your employees have been created, it is easy and discreet to pay with MENUPAY through the app.

Discount on dining experiences with MenuPay

MenuPay is a mobile app with an integrated payment system and loyalty program that gives you and your employees up to 30% off on everything from Michelin food to takeaway pizza. MenuPay's discounts can be redeemed at, among others, Brdr. Price, Karma Sushi, Kong Hans K├Žlder, MASH, Emmerys and many more.

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Intect & MenuPay

You can easily choose MenuPay as an employee benefit in Intect and award your employees with discounts to use in over 270 restaurants across Denmark. The employee benefit is simply added as an extra module to your payroll system, and then you can start exploring the gastronomic world.

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