Integration with Maconomy

Save time on administrative work and reduce the risk of errors in your payroll with the integration between Intect and Maconomy. Via file upload, your payroll batches are easily and quickly transferred to your ledger.

‚ÄčIntegration via file upload

Maximize your processes with Maconomy

With Deltek's intuitive and user-friendly ERP system, Maconomy, you get the optimal working conditions to ensure flexibility, agility and transparency in your business processes. The system gives you the necessary overview and control to meet your needs - now and in the future.

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Intect & Maconomy

With the integration between Intect and Maconomy you get a solution that - via file upload - streamlines the exchange of your transaction data and payroll batches between the two systems. This way you avoid manual entries which reduces your margin of error significantly.

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