Integration with JobManager

Get better structure and streamlining when you collect your employees’ data by integrating Intect with the time registration system, JobManager. With this user-friendly integration you automate the transfer of data reducing your error margin.

Integration via file upload

Streamline your HR function with JobManager

JobManager represents a user-friendly streamlining of your HR function with features that include time registration, job reporting, absence management and payroll preparation. The system contains a large degree of automation, i.a. the payroll basis is automatically generated and transferred to the payroll system, and post-calculations are automatically updated based on your registrations.

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Intect & JobManager

Your administrative work is significantly reduced with the integration between Intect and JobManager, as all necessary information is transferred and shared between the two systems via file upload. This means that you eliminate errors in your payroll - to the delight of your employees.

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