Integration with e-conomic

By integrating e-conomic with Intect, you optimize your workflow. Your payroll batches are automatically transferred to your ledger, saving you time on administrative work while avoiding errors.

API integration

Easy accounting with e-conomic

E-conomic is an all-in-one accounting-solution with a functional interface that makes it easy to send invoices to customers with just a few clicks. It is a solution that makes it possible to collaborate on the accounts via access sharing, and the setup can easily be expanded to fit your business as it grows.

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Why integrate with e-conomic?

With an integration between the accounting solution e-conomic and Intect, you get automatic posting of tax payments as well as automatic transfer of your payroll batches directly to your cash register. The integration thus automates a large part of your administrative work, so you avoid mistakes and have more time to run your business.

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