Integration with Dinero

With the integration between Dinero and Intect, your payroll batches are automatically transferred directly to your ledger. You avoid posting salary manually, which reduces your margin of error and saves you time.

API integration

Dinero: Accounting system for entrepreneurs

Dinero is an online accounting system that helps self-employed and entrepreneurs maintain an overview of their expenses, income, VAT, future payments and everything else associated with the accounts. In the Dinero-app you can send invoices and reminders – or bad payers to debt collection – with one click.  

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Streamline payroll and accounting

When integrating Dinero with Intect your payroll batches are automatically transferred to your cash register. This helps automizing the administrative processes in your business, while also minimizing your margin of error significantly. Furthermore, it saves you a lot of time which you instead can invest in developing your business.

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