Employee app: Get committed employees with Intect’s app

With Intect’s employee app your employees get easy access to their payslips, and they can register their working hours as well as their data. This ensures a high level of commitment, which is very valuable for your business. Here we will describe some of the beneficial features of the Intect employee app.

Get committed employees with Intect’s app

Employee commitment is especially important when it comes to keeping talented employees in the company, and it also has a positive effect on the efficiency level of your employees.

Even though we live in a highly digitalized world, there are situations where it is difficult to bring a computer. For this reason, we have made Intect accessible by app on your phone making it easy to use Intect no matter where you are.

This means that your employees just have to grab their phone in their pocket to access their payslips or register working hours or data, which results in bigger involvement and commitment on their part.

When your employees are committed in the payroll, lesser errors occur, and that means the feeling of greater security and trust within the company. In other words, transparency in the payroll batch increases general well-being.

It is also relevant to mention that elevated employee commitment helps reducing absence as well as security issues, meaning fewer days of sick leave and fewer cases of accidents at work.

Intect’s employee app: Accessibility

Intect’s employee app is included as a part of all our solutions, which means that it is free for all Intect-users.

The employee app is available for both Android and iOS.

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