Autocorrection: Save time on manual payroll corrections

Autocorrection facilitates the reporting and correction of errors in payslips, which saves you a lot of time on manual and inconvenient payroll corrections.

Automatic correction of payroll batches

With Intect’s features of real-time data, approval flow and simple payslips that are easy to understand for everybody, you can avoid expensive errors in your payroll batch. If an unfortunate situation occurs and you find errors in your payroll batch, we are ready to help you. With the “Autocorrect” feature you can save a significant amount of time on inconvenient and manual payroll corrections.

With autocorrection it is easy to report errors and change the respective employee’s payroll. Intect will automatically adjust the salary according to your reports ensuring the correction of the error in the following month. Furthermore, the autocorrection feature ensures the validation of your employees’ tax card and will avoid paying an employee that is not supposed to receive payment for a specific month.

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