Approval flow: Avoid errors in your payroll batch with Intect

Errors on the payslip is a common thing. In fact, one in two Danes experience errors on their payslip regularly. This is first and foremost annoying, but if it happens more than once it can create insecurity and distrust to the employer.

To avoid these errors on your employees’ payslips, Intect has – as the first payroll system in the world – developed a simple but unique feature that reduces errors, ensures quality, and increases employee satisfaction.

Continue reading and you will find out just how easy the feature is to use.

If – unexpectedly – an error occurs in the posted payroll batch, it is easy to change it.

Approval flow ensures quality

The approval flow works as follows: the payroll administrator in Intect has the authority to lock a payroll batch. After locking it he can send it to the employee for approval. The employee in question receives a provisional payslip to check for errors before the payroll is posted.

As an employer, this process of approval helps you secure quality and transparency in the administrative process of your payroll batches. Furthermore, it gets your employees involved and engaged in the process, and they benefit from a 100% correct payroll – every time.

Is the approval flow difficult to set up?

The answer is no! It is not difficult to set up the approval flow. With just to clicks you can lock the payroll batch and send it to your employees for approval.

Your employees can access the provisional payslip in the employee app. If errors are reported, you can fast and easily correct these errors by unlocking the payslip, change the errors and afterwards post the payroll batch by double clicking on it, choose “post” and then approve.

If there are no errors reported in the payroll batch you can just click on “post” and then approve.

Keep track with real-time data

Intect’s real-time data represent another way of reducing errors in your payroll batch. With real-time data you get a detailed overview of your payroll, and you can see the effect of the changes you make down to the payslip of each individual employee. The changes are realized right away, which ensures that you can keep track of your payroll batch.

If the unexpected error occurs

If a situation arises where neither you nor your employee discover a certain error before the posting of the payroll batch, it is – of course – also fixable. It is very easy to correct payslips in Intect. You simply adjust the salary, and the system will automatically calculate the difference.

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