Advanced payroll management: Get access to Intect’s functional and flexible payroll system

Intect’s payroll system includes a wide variety of beneficial features. Read about them here.

With the feature of advanced payroll management, you get access to all of Intect’s functional and flexible payroll system, including advanced features and possibilities of changing and designing your own types of payrolls, which is an important tool for companies with more than 20 employees.

Advanced payroll management: Features included

With advanced payroll management you get access to all Intect’s payroll system, including the features of seniority and overtime compensation etc. You also get the opportunity to design and control your payroll management according to the needs of your company.

If you have more than 20 employees, we recommend you have the features described below:

Besides the possibility of changing the existing salary types and designing your own, you get access to more advanced salary types, such as:

  • Anniversary bonus or resignation compensation
  • Regulation of tax base
  • Free board and lodging
  • Taxation of provided car
  • Taxation of health insurance
  • Compensation for travel expenses and diets for chauffeurs in Denmark and abroad
  • Free media license
  • Free summer residence

Advanced payroll management is included in our “Professional” and “Premium” solutions.

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