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More than 6.000 companies are already using Intect.
On this page you will find a sample of our client testimonials.



More than 3,500 companies are already using Gratisal. On this page you will find a sample of our client testimonials. You can also find industry-specific testimonials under the menu Industry Solutions.

“We are really happy to use Intect as our payroll system.

The system is intuitive, and the dashboard creates a good overview, so the whole payroll process becomes faster and easier.

It is also very beneficial that the system is developed to handle the data flexibly. That has given us the opportunity to create automated processes that saves us time in our day to day work.”

“We have been positively surprised by Intect.

Previously, we spent too much time on payroll management, but after two payroll batches we have already experienced huge time savings.

The time savings are partly due to automation of several of our administrative processes and integration with our course system ASA. Especially the integration with ASA has benefited us a lot, as it has spared us for several heavy manual processes related to time entry data.

In addition, it’s worth noting that Intect is generally intuitive and easy to navigate, which we have especially felt in the implementation phase where you quickly get to know the system.”

“Intect is intuitively designed and easy to navigate.

You quickly find out how the system works and the processes help ensure that your payroll can be executed quickly.

At the same time, Intect is really cheap, which means that we can keep our costs related to payroll management to a minimum”

“Gratisal is logically structured, which makes the system easy to navigate and also quick to figure out how it actually works.

Therefore, it does not require a lot of support when you start to use Intect.

The flexibility of Intect is especially good when importing and exporting data, which is very valuable for a company like ours.

All in all, we are really pleased with the choice of Intect as our payroll system.”

“Intect is a really efficient and user-friendly payroll system.

The setup is easy to get going and when you finish this you will experience a payroll system that is easy to navigate and that is far more effective in daily operations than any other system on the market.

We have employees working in several countries and Intect supports our special needs in relations to these employees both regarding tax and pension.

The processes in Intect have saved us a lot of time, and we are really happy with the change of payroll system.”

“We started using Intect back in mid 2017 and were pleasantly surprised at how intuitive the system was.

The intuitive function is really important for us in our everyday life. We are a company that grows and that is why we prioritize our time trying to develop our company instead of making payroll batches. Intect helps us with that.

Furthermore, it does not hurt that the system is more affordable than any other available on the market.”

In 2019, Dansk Scanning A / S chose to change their payroll system to Intect.

“We of course chose the Gold Package with the addition of e-Boks so that our employees continue to receive their pay slips at the same platform.

It was easy to import all employee information and balances from previous years, and it only took 1 hour to customize our internal systems, which form the import file to Intect for our 35 hourly paid employees.

We have now used the system for 9 months and have been nothing but satisfied with the new opportunities we have been given in our payroll administration and the employees are very happy with the informative pay slips they get.

Before we update the wages for the employees paid on an hourly basis, we send them a draft of their pay slip – as a result of that we have several times managed to correct the pay slips if they have forgotten to register their hours. For this we use e.g. information lines where we state the number of normal hours during the payroll period – this makes it quick for the employee to assess if there are hours missing.

In the process, we have been in ongoing dialogue with the support and have always received prompt and correct response to our inquiries!

I look forward to a long-term partnership with Intect.”

“The dashboard function in Intect creates a great overview and the whole system is very intuitive.

In addition, Intect’s payslips are very easy to relate to which is a hug advantage because it really reduces time spend on understanding the payslip.

We also experienced that the team was very open to customizing and adjusting the system to our needs.

We are happy with our decision to choose Intect as our payroll system.”

“Intect is a super intuitive payroll system.

After the implementation, we have saved a lot of time on payroll management – time we can use to develop our company.

In addition, the system is flexible and can be customized to our needs, and of course it does not hurt that Intect also offers a really good price per. pay slip.”

“Intect is very easy to navigate in.

The user-friendliness is top notch and it’s easy to get an overview of the companies for which you manage payrolls, and this is a huge time saver.

At the same time Intect is flexible when it comes to choice of function and price. Therefore it is possible for me to tailor the system to the point where it fits my customers’ needs.”

“Intect is an efficient and user friendly payroll system that we’ve been using for just about two years now.

If you encounter problems along the way the support is always there to help you solve them, and the chat support, especially, is on a level of its own!

In other words; a very solid payroll system.”

“We are very satisfied with using Intect as our payroll system. The dashboard provides us with a detailed overview of our payroll activities.

The system easily integrated with our accounting programs, which allowed us to create some automated processes.

In addition, we chose to outsource our finance- and economy processes to Intect’s sister company, ECIT Services.

Working with Intect and ECIT Services has been at great joy and they always approach our questions and/or challenges in a solution-oriented way.”

“We first noticed Intect because of a campaign they launched in 2017.

At first it was the price that appealed to us. When we tried the system we quickly discovered how easy and efficient it actually was to use.

It is really important for us to spend our time wisely, and not spend too much time on salary-administration. The system helps us with that.

Intect reduces the amount of time it takes to batch payrolls, even when using manual input, and that is why we still use Intect with great satisfaction.”

“I was high with enthusiasm when the first payroll batch was done.

Obviously, I had a lot of help from Ditte Olin who is a supporter/developer at Intect. The loading of EP-Win happens through an Excel sheet – easy, fast and overseeable.

I had a notion that the entry of hourly wages would take a long time – it didn’t. Finding employee data is very easy as well as correcting salary records. The payslips are constantly updated and if an error should occur you get warned on a regular basis.

When you finalize, all your data gets sent directly to the tax authorities, the bank, the pension and so on.”

“We are very happy with having switched to Intect.

Moving all of our payrolls to one system has been a great time saver in our organization.

It has saved us time with payroll batches and given us security in the fact that payrolls across our administered companies are handled the same way.

We are very happy with the advanced setup that can be adjusted to individual needs as well as being easy to add.”

Stokholm eng

“Intect is very easy to use. The opportunity to access real-time data gives us a good overall picture of the employees’ hours, and that reduces the time spend on batching payrolls.

The interactive payslip is easy to understand which is a big advantage, especially in our industry, where special hourly rates that must be taken into account. 

The open API of Intect has given us the opportunity to customize the system to our specific need. That means that we can, for example, take into account the collective agreements that our employees and industry are subject to. To sum up; we are really happy to use Intect as our payroll system.

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