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No matter what business and/or industry you are in, it is always possible to customize Intect to your particular needs. Intect offers, as the only pay roll system in Denmark, the opportunity to choose what features you want for your company - for a very decent price.



Customize Intect to the particular needs of your business or industry.

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Customize a solution for your industry

Gratisal knows that no company and/or industry is the same. Therefore Gratisal is modularly constructed, which gives you the opportunity to customize Gratisal to your particular needs. 

We do not want payroll administration to be something that takes too much of your time. Therefore we have constructed a payroll system, which is easy to navigate in and where you do not have to see features, you do not need. 

In Gratisal we are always in a stage of development, where the system is expanded continuously (you can see our earlier updates here). So if you feel that the system lacks some features that you need for your payroll administration, you can always make a request for them and we will most likely have them within a couple of months. 

If you need help or if you have any requests to features, then you can always contact us via [email protected] or by phone +45 71 99 11 22.  

“We first noticed Gratisal because of a campaign they launched in 2017. At first it was the price that appealed to us. When we tried the system we quickly discovered how easy and efficient it actually was to use. It is really important for us to spend our time wisely, and not spend too much time on salary-administration. The system helps us with that. Gratisal reduces the amount of time it takes to batch payrolls, even when using manual input, and that is why we still use Gratisal with great satisfaction.”
Karsten Mosegaard
Sales- and Service Manager

Contact us

If you are interested in Gratisal – either as bookkeeper or company, then we are of course available with more information. Contact us via the form below or by phone at +45 71 99 11 22. It is also possible to contact us at [email protected]

Note: If you are already a user of the system, please note that system support is not free. 

We recommend using the chat for support issues. It is possible to purchase free mail/chat support through our package solutions. You can read more about this under ‘Prices‘, or under the tab “Extra” when you are logged in.