Advanced employee templates: Save time on payroll administration


Companies with many employees often have a wide range of different employment and salary conditions. With our advanced employee templates, you can design templates that suit you and your employees.

Tailor your own templates

Holiday pay, tax, pension, collective agreements, and payroll cycles. There can be a lot of things to consider while hiring new employees. But with this function, you can set up templates for your recruitments, so they suit your company.

The system already has three templates, that are included when you start using Intect. These are templates for permanent employees, hourly-paid employees, and chief executives.


Solutions for complex needs

However, that may not always be enough. If your company is a larger one, you may easily get a need for more specific templates.

Intect’s advanced employmee templates make it possible to tailor the templates to your needs. If for example, you are in a business, where the employees have several different collective agreements and payroll cycles, you can just create a template for each type, that you can reuse every time you hire a new employee.

Advanced employment templates cost DKK 2,50 per pay slip, as a stand-alone function. However, they are included in the gold package, where you will get all of our functions for the price of DKK 15 per pay slip.

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Get started today: For free and without obligation

It is easy and fast to sign up to Intect. It does not take more than 5 minutes and then you are up and running. Signing up is for free, so you can easily get a feel of the system. You can select and deselect functions, and you only pay when you choose to make a payroll batch. 

We are very satisfied with using Intect as our payroll system. The dashboard provides us with a detailed overall picture of our payroll activities. The system easily integrated with our accounting programs, which allowed us to create some automated processes and that released our economy function. In addition, we chose to outsource our finance- and economy processes to Intect's sister company CapWorks. Working with Intect and CapWorks has been at great joy and they always approach our questions and/or challenges in a solution-oriented way.
The Color Club
Eva Kemp
Studio Manager
Intect is very easy to use. The opportunity to access real-time data gives us a good overall picture of the employees' hours, and that reduces the time spend on batching payrolls. The interactive payslip is easy to understand which is a big advantage, especially in our industry, where special hourly rates that must be taken into account. The open API of Intect has given us the opportunity to tailor the system to our specific needs. That means that we can, for example, take into account the collective agreements that our employees and industry are subject to. All in all, we are really happy to use Intect as our payroll system.
Stokholm Transport
Bent Larsen
Finance Manager
The dashboard function in Intect creates a great overview and the whole system is very intuitive. In addition, Intect's payslips are very easy to relate to which is a huge advantage because it really reduces time spend on understanding the payslip. We also experienced that the team was very open to tailoring and adjusting the system to our needs. We are happy with our decision to choose Intect as our payroll system.
Danske Skoleelever
Robert Holst Andersen
Head of Secretariat
We first noticed Intect because of a campaign they launched in 2017. At first it was the price that appealed to us. When we tried the system we quickly discovered how easy and efficient it actually was to use. It is really important for us to spend our time wisely, and not spend too much time on salary-administration. The system helps us with that. Intect reduces the amount of time it takes to batch payrolls, even when using manual input, and that is why we still use Intect with great satisfaction.
Karsten Mosegaard
Sales- and Service Manager

Want to hear more?

If you are interested in Intect and have questions about the system, prices, or something completely different, then we are of course available with more information. Contact us via the form below or per. phone on 71 99 11 22, and we will help you find the right solution.

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