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With Intect employees have access to self-service, they can update their master data themselves and register absence for approval. Customers can approve the payroll batches so that payments are made based on their approval.



Accountant, agency or group? Intect is a dialogue based solution for the benefit of you, your customers and their employees.

Simple and affordable payroll system

Intect cooperates with several accountants and payroll agencies regarding the development of the system. This way, we ensure that Intect is always up-to-date when it comes to the expectations you have as an accountant.

Multi-Company module

This module is designed for you who manages payrolls for several companies, allowing you to easily keep track of everything. You can view and grant access to users across companies, get a total view of the most important information related to each company, write internal comments, and much more. If you have any questions, please write to [email protected]

There is a lot of time to save when choosing Intect as your payroll system. Among other things the implementation process is relatively easy and you get help and reminders about the things that are important to remember. If we have questions the support team is always helpful with good answers from employees who know how to manage payrolls. We also use the support for creating a professional dialogue so that we for instance end up with the most favourable solution after an implementation. Generally speaking, Intect is a very intuitive payroll system which is why it doesn’t take you a long time to learn how to navigate the system.
ECIT Services
Rene Reinholdt
Intect is very easy to navigate in. The user-friendliness is top notch and it’s easy to get an overview of the companies for which you manage payrolls, and this is a huge time saver. At the same time Intect is flexible when it comes to choice of function and price. Therefore it is possible for me to tailor the system to the point where it fits my customers’ needs.
MV Mentor: Direct Consulting
Michael Vejlgård
Intect is an efficient and user friendly payroll system that we’ve been using for just about two years now. If you encounter problems along the way the support is always there to help you solve them, and the chat support, especially, is on a level of its own! In other words; a very solid payroll system.
Nordic Revision
Ilkay Yildiz
We are very happy with having switched to Intect. Moving all of our payrolls to one system has been a great time saver in our organization. It has saved us time with payroll batches and given us security in the fact that payrolls across our administered companies are handled the same way. We are very happy with the advanced setup that can be adjusted to individual needs as well as being easy to add.
Simon Lang

Contact us

If you are interested in Intect – either as bookkeeper or company, then we are of course available with more information. Contact us via the form below or by phone at 71 99 11 22. It is also possible to contact us at [email protected]

Note: We recommend using the chat for support issues. If you are already a user of the system, please note that system support is not free. However, it is possible to purchase free mail/chat support through our package solutions. You can read more about this under “Prices”, or under the tab “Extra” when you are logged in.